It’s time to start thinking about winter golf and how to beat the chill by bringing some fun into the game.  There are different games that you can play with two, three or four players, so here’s a selection.


Bisque – Players can nominate to take their handicap strokes at any time, but must be done before playing the hole.


Split Sixes – Six points is up for grabs at each hole. If someone wins it outright, they get 4 points. The second best score gets 2 points and the third zero. If one player wins the hole and the other two halve, then it would be 4-1-1. All halving, 2-2-2.

Chairman – The player with the lowest net score on each hole becomes the Chairman on the next hole. If two players tie then the current Chairman continues for the next hole. The winner is the player who wins most holes.


Bingo, Bango, Bongo – Points are awarded for firsts: first player to reach the green, player closest to the hole, first player to putt out and any others you may wish to include.

Daytona – Each team of two add their scores together, so if they both had fives, the score is 55. If the scores are different, then scoring depends on how you fared to par. If one player gets a par or better, you would take the lower score first. For example, a 5 and a 7 on a par-5 scores 57. If both are above on a par-3, you take the higher score first, eg 74. The lower total wins the game.

Lagging – After everyone gets on the green and regardless of the number of shots, the player closest to the hole gets 3 points, the next player closest gets 2 points, the next player closest gets 1 point and the player furthest away from the hole gets 0 points.


Dr Doolittle – comprises of various accumulators, such as snakes for three putting. Each time someone three putts, this adds 1 unit to the value of the snake. The last person to three-putt is deemed to be holding the snake and pays out the total to the others.

Dunce – Whichever player has the worst score on each hole has to wear a designated silly hat for the next hole.

Flaps – When playing from a green, a player shouts ‘Flap’ between hitting the ball and its first bounce. The player then has to hole out with the next shot to gain a unit. Failure to do so loses a unit. If a player shouts ‘Flap’, other players may shout ‘Double’ before the ball makes its first bounce to double the win or loss.

Oozles and Foozles – At a par-3, the player on the green nearest the flag after one shot has to hole out in two putts or better for an oozle and a unit. If the player fails to do this it is a foozle and a loss of a unit. If no one hits the green then oozles can accumulate on subsequent par-3s.

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