Is it just us, or are you starting to grow tired of muddy fairways and temporary greens? If so, here are some tips to survive the winter months on the course.

Add Loft To Your Driver

If you have an adjustable driver, it’s a good idea to increase the loft during the winter months, when there’s little or no run on the fairways. This will give you more carry and thus, hopefully, more distance.

Take A Lesson

If you're looking to make some swing changes, winter is the perfect time to do so. Do the hard work now and you can spend the summer on the course making the most of your improved swing and, hopefully, better scoring.

Mix It Up

The prospect of playing a medal or stableford when the weather is grim is enough to keep even the most avid golfer indoors. Whether you're playing 18 or just a few holes why not liven up your match with a fun format. For ideas click here.

Allow for Less Break On The Green

If you find yourself missing your putts on the high side it might be because you’re allowing the same amount of break as you would during the summer. With the greens being slower at this time of year, there will be less break. If in doubt, keep your aim inside the hole.

Improve your Fitness

If you think you have some physical issues or weaknesses that might prevent you from playing better golf then the off season is the perfect time to deal with them. Find a fitness professional who will be able to help you with a workout programme. Not only will you improve your game but you're also sure to boost your fitness levels (and maybe lose a few excess pounds) in the process.

For something a little less vigorous Yoga and Pilates are both effective methods for improving your flexibility and core stability, both key attributes for ensuring a consistent and powerful golf swing.

Eat Well

Whilst it’s tempting to gorge on comfort food throughout the winter, it’s more important than ever to eat healthily. While it’s hard to resist a warming sausage roll or bacon bap at the halfway house, ensuring your diet is rich in Omega-3, Vitamin C and Vitamin K will help keep you healthy, in turn helping to prevent any inflammation or muscle aches you may usually struggle with during the winter months.

Dress Warmly

It may seem obvious but dressing warmly during the winter months will not increase the enjoyment of your round but will also help to keep your limbs and joints healthy. Winter golf gloves are highly recommended, as they don’t need to be taken off between shots, whilst a snood or scarf, and a woolly hat are must-haves for keeping warm, as well as providing a great excuse to splash out on some new accessories. Remember to wear extra layers as you can peel them off as you warm up.

Favour A Chip and Run Shot

Although it can be tenpting to fly it all the way, a chip and run shot is often your best option when the fairways are muddy. If you play with a less lofted club you're less likely to hit it chunky or leave your chip short, making for a more consistent short game.

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