In celebration of all things golf here at Women & Golf we've compiled a list of the weirdest and most unusual golf facts.

1. Hollywood star, Samuel L. Jackson, is such an avid golfer that he has a clause written into his contracts which allows him to play twice a week whenever he's filming.

2.While playing in Atlantic City, N.J., in 1889, Ab Smith hit a shot he defined as a “bird of a shot.” Bird was the American slang equivilant for today's cool or awesome. His description ultimately led to one of the game’s most popular terms, which golfers regularly aim for – “birdie.”

3. Phil Mickelson, perhaps the most famous leftie of all time, is actually right-handed. He learned to play golf by facing his right-handed father while he practised, and he has used left handed golf clubs ever since.


4. The longest golf hole measures an impressive 1,097 yards. The par 7 is at Gunsan Country Club in South Korea and is almost a mile long!

5. The longest-recorded hole-in-one by a woman is suspected to be that of Marie Robie – who aced the 393-yard hole at Furnace Brook course in the United States in 1949.

6.The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million.

7. In Japan it is customary to throw a party complete with gifts for all your friends if you score a hole-in-one. Consequently many Japanese golfers hold hole-in-one insurance to help with the cost. 

8. As late as 1974, the Old Course at St Andrews was played in reverse order. Whilst the course was originally laid out this way, the practice continued into the twentieth century in order to give the fairways a rest. 

9. During the Second World War members of St. Mellons Golf Club were asked to collect bomb and shell splinters from the fairways during the course of their round to prevent damage to mowers. They were also warned away from the red flags in the rough which marked unexploded bombs. 

10. Major champion Lee Trevino has been hit been lightening not once, but twice!




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