Do you pour money into golf lessons and equipment without ever truly get the results that you're looking for? Follow this easy each stretches and you may find that your golf scores start to fall.

.If you don’t stretch regularly your body will resist the motion of the golf swing, limit your range of motion, clubhead speed and ultimately, distance. Warm up fi rst then give these stretches a go!

Lower Back Stretch

Sit on a supportive base with your knees slightly more than shoulder width apart, pictured above, bent at a 90°angle. Bend forward, try to get your stomach between your legs and grab the back of your heels. Curl your lower back up towards the ceiling until you feel the stretch. For a deeper stretch, curl the middle of your back up. Hold for 15-30 secs. Repeat 3-5 times trying to curl up a bit further each time, rather like a cat stretch.

Golf Swing: A golfer who has a tight lower and mid back will struggle with rotation which is key to consistent swings. Poor hip rotation will lead to excessive stress on the back and eventually lead to injury.

Front of Shoulder Rotation Stretch


Begin with a towel in your right hand positioned behind your head. Maintain a neutral spine/neck position throughout. Reach behind your back with your other hand and grip the towel. Gently pull the towel up and allow your hand behind your back to move across and up your back.

A gentle stretch should be felt in the front or side of your shoulder. Hold for 10-15 secs. Slowly release the stretch. Repeat 10 times, trying to pull your arm up your back a little further each time.

Glute Stretch


Place the outside of your right foot on your left knee. Reach through the gap and place your hands on the back of your leg. Gently pull your left leg towards you until you feel the stretch. Keep this motion fluid and repeat 3 times, with a 30-60 sec hold on both sides. Once you gain more flexibility, place your hands on the front of your left knee/shin and perform the stretch. If you experience any neck discomfort place a rolled up towel under your neck for support.

Golf Swing

The glutes are key in the golf swing. As one of the strongest muscles, they are the main stabiliser for controlling movement of the pelvis and hips. Without that stabilisation, good body rotation will be limited. Tight glute muscles will limit your ability to maintain good posture and rotate correctly, and consequently could put unwanted stress on other areas like your lower back.

Hip Flexor Stretch


Lunge forward with your left leg leading and your right knee on the ground. Maintain a reasonably upright torso position with a neutral spine whilst you slowly lean your upper body forward, feeling a stretch on the top of your right leg. If you don’t feel the stretch activate, gently increase the range between your right knee and left foot. Hold for 15-30 secs. Repeat 2-3 times on both sides.

Golf Swing

Many people’s hip flexors are tight and this can adversely affect your pelvis position and crucially your ability to maintain good postural positions in the swing. They also stabilise the lower back and help transfer energy from hip rotation, providing power in the swing.

John Waghorn is an Advanced Personal Trainer and Golf Sports Conditioning Expert and fitness advisor to Women & Golf magazine. With a training base at East Sussex National Golf Club, he works with golfers of all ages and capabilities, developing golf specific fitness programmes.  twitter - @waghorntraining 

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