You shouldn't try to emulate the swing of your favourite professional because if your body can’t move like theirs, or you are not as strong as them, then you will be unable to achieve the same positions.

Here are a handful of the 20 plus screening exercises that fitness instructor take clients through, but try these as it will give you a taster of how you fare.



Begin by standing tall with your shoulders back. Your aim is to ascertain whether you have any restriction in your neck and potentially your cervical spine. Keep your mouth closed and do not lift your shoulder to help.

Rotate your head as far to the right as possible and then try to touch your collar bone with your chin. Repeat on both sides.

Golf Swing

The ability to rotate your neck during the swing is crucial to allow for a full turn. If you have a restriction you will notice your inability to consistently turn throughout the swing.



Stand with your feet together and your arms extended out in front of you. Keep your hands and fingers on top of each other. Ensure you keep your legs straight, bend from the waist and try to touch your toes.

Golf Swing

This test will expose any issues with mobility in the lower back and hamstrings, plus it can help identify a hip problem versus a lower back/core limitation.



It is important to understand what a good posture looks and feels like. Cross your arms across your chest. Arch your back as much as possible into an extreme S-posture position. Then round your back into C-posture before arching it again. Finally, try to find the position in-between these two extremes. That will be your neutral spine position.

Golf Swing

Use this to check your posture on a regular basis so you don’t fall into old habits. Bad Posture is the biggest issue I see with amateur golfers so don’t ignore the problem. Correcting your golf posture will translate into a better more upright everyday posture. Book a screening with me and let’s get you walking tall and playing great golf.

Based at East Sussex National Golf Club, John Waghorn is a Golf Strength & Conditioning Expert, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer, and Fitness Advisor to Women & Golf magazine 

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