Frozen greens and muddy fairways can be a nuisance but aching limbs and stiff joints are more likely to have you banishing your golf clubs until the spring. With some simple steps, however, sufferers of joint pain need not become fair weather golfers.

Dress Warmly

During the winter months you must dress warmly on the golf course to keep your limbs and joints healthy. Winter golf gloves are highly recommended, as they don’t need to be taken off between shots, whilst a snood or scarf, and a woolly hat are must-haves for keeping warm, as well as providing a great excuse to splash out on some new accessories. Remember to wear extra layers as you can peel them off as you warm up.

Keep Exercising

As the temperature drops it’s easy to fi nd yourself snuggling up in the warm in a bid to stop your symptoms from becoming any worse. While pain is your body’s protective mechanism to prevent any further damage, staying indoors can exacerbate your aching limps or arthritis and remaining active is consequently essential. If you’re dressed warmly, heading to the course can be a great way of exercising and keeping your joints supple, which in turn will help to reduce your pain.

Good Posture


Correct posture is essential to making a good swing but is also vital for taking the strain off your joints, both on and off the course. Whatever you fi nd yourself doing, remember to think about your posture, and try to fi nd the position which puts the least strain on your joints. Talking to your golf professional about the best way to stand to the ball is not only likely to ease any pain, but can also knock strokes off your scorecard!

Be Positive

Research has shown that a positive attitude can have a direct impact on how your body feels. It’s easier said than done if your pain is causing you to feel upset or tired, but trying to remain upbeat is essential for overcoming joint pain. One way to improve your mental health is through daily exercise and whilst, as we all know, golf isn’t always as conducive to positivity as it should be, the game is a great way to get moving.

Eat Well


Whilst it’s tempting to gorge on comfort food throughout the winter, it’s more important than ever to eat healthily. While it’s hard to resist a warming sausage roll or bacon bap at the halfway house, ensuring your diet is rich in Omega-3, Vitamin C and Vitamin K will help curb infl ammation and reduce pain. You’re less likely to get enough vitamin D from its natural source, sunlight, in the winter, so take a supplement.

Spoil Yourself

Some pain emanates from the joint and some from the muscles around the joint, so book a regular massage to help reduce pain. Even better, take time to indulge in a golf and spa break!

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