A common problem for amateur golfers is a sliced shot which is really frustrating as it reduces distance and accuracy, but this drill combined with exercises from our instructors will help you to eliminate any slice in no time!

The ability to create separation between your upper and lower half is crucial in generating power and being able to get the club on a good swing plane.

Resisted Rotation


Place a resistance band around your ankles. Get into mid-iron posture and feel the resistance of the band. Take hold of another band and extend your hands to approximately shoulder width apart, now turn into your backswing whilst maintaining the tension in both bands. Perform 8-10 reps.


Many amateurs that I work with overthink their swings and sometimes overcomplicate the positions we are trying to achieve. Try the simple exercise as it will help you to feel how the body should be moving in the swing. Take it to the range as part of your warm-up so it becomes ingrained in your movement pattern.

Sweep The Floor

Place your driver or a broom across your shoulders and get into golf posture. Resist with your lower half and turn the upper body so that your driver head is pointing at the floor. Repeat in both directions in a sweeping action. Do this in both directions for 2-3 mins.


Swing Drill

Place an alignment pole on the ground, a few inches on the other side of the golf ball. Angle the alignment pole to a position that runs parallel to the shaft of your club from your set-up position and then hit several shots avoiding any contact with the pole.


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