Watch this video instruction from Golf At Goodwood's Ryan Fenwick. He explains how to check your grip to maintain overall performance - it's a case of keeping a close eye on your knuckles!
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On the practice ground and on the golf course your mind should be working as hard as your body. Before each shot, try the 'crossing the line' drill to enhance your overall performance.
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QUICK FIX: If you want to hit your irons further and crisper, then right-handed golfers should stop trying to keep their left arm straight. An incorrect grip will result in loss of power.
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We would all like to generate more power into our drives but sometimes a woman golfer’s flexibility will have a negative effect and too much movement will result in loss of distance.
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QUICK FIX: You can use a number of wedges to hit a pitch shot, but where most amateur golfers fail is in their set-up. Here are some tips to help you achieve consistency so you can knock the ball stone dead!
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QUICK FIX: Those dreaded three putts on a hole could be avoided if your pace control is improved and with a little time and effort it won’t take much for you to see your score come tumbling down.
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QUICK FIX: A bunker shot should be straightforward as you don’t even have to hit the ball! However, many golfers panic in the sand. Here’s the best technique to escape a plugged lie.
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QUICK FIX: To hit crisp and consistent shots throughout your round, you need to have your spine at the correct angle so a good posture at set-up is vital to make a balanced swing.
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Driving the ball effortlessly down the fairway is something every golfer would love to do on a consistent basis – it certainly is a great feeling when it happens - here's how to do it.
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QUICK FIX: It would be great if the ball always landed on the fairway with a straightforward route to the green, but golf isn’t like that! Here are some tips on how to play a chip from a downhill lie.
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Distance control within your short game is key to lowering your score. Working on this part of your game will reduce your shots much quicker than trying to squeeze an extra ten yards out of your drives.
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Simple golf instruction tips aimed at the female golfer, designed to improve your driving, fairway woods, short game and putting.

Golf instruction articles looking at common golf swing faults and how women can fix them to play better golf.

Informative golf instruction on how to improve course management, confidence, and the mental game on the golf course.

Golf instruction articles aimed at the female golfer, designed to improve your driving, fairway woods, short game and putting.

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