There is a saying in golf, “Drive for show, Putt for Dough”, however it is important to drive well in order to give you the opportunity to score. Follow the below golf instruction with Samantha Head.


Even though checking set-up and ball position can be deemed as a boring exercise, these are the fundamentals to successful driving. Keep the ball just outside the left of your chest, in line with your armpit.

I was taught by David Leadbetter to hover the driver above the ground at address and this has now become a habit. The reason being, when we hit drivers, we can be nervous, therefore by hovering the club it releases the tension in the hands before you take the club away. If you imagine the club is already in the air, your first movement is to start the turn in the golf swing, NOT lift the club. This is also applicable to putting and iron shots.



Keep the takeaway smooth. There is a tendency to break your wrists when using a driver, but as it is a longer club you need a smooth takeaway. By linking your elbows to your body, this will ensure your takeaway is connected, rather than the arms and body moving at different times.


For women, over-swinging is easy to do. We have flexible hips, which make it easy for us to turn. Keep the urge under control when trying to hit it hard to make that massive turn. The ball goes further when we are more relaxed and take the club back slowly and smoothly.

Photo Finish


When swinging through, keep your follow through in mind as you want the photo finish with your weight on your left side (right-handed golfers) and your hands high.

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