Fairway woods always seem to be the Achilles’ heel of female golfers! They love their hybrids and a 7-wood, but rarely show as much love for their 5 or 3-wood. Why is this? Ryan Fenwick explains.

The answer is poor clubhead speed. Some women golfers have a naturally strong golf swing, whereas others are weaker and they struggle to maintain their posture throughout the swinging motion. This instruction will help you to feel the love!



If you can achieve the right set-up position then you are 80% there to making a consistent swing. A good set-up will look strong and balanced; the ball position should be inside the left heel (right-handed golfers).

Do not move the ball back or forward in your stance as this will have an impact on your alignment, swing path, angle of attack and smash factor = LOSS OF POWER!


If you narrow your stance too much you could lose balance and this will result in poor striking, so you need to find the middle ground.

A wide stance will help if you are on an awkward lie or if you want to keep the ball low into the wind, but if it is too wide it can restrict your shoulder turn.

Follow Through

Take a note of how most of the weight has transferred to the forward leg, top image, while maintaining perfect balance. This will help you to generate maximum power and give you every chance of hitting the desired shot.

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