Pitching is among the most crucial aspects of the game, and in order to master it, practice is essential. Golf at Goodwood instructor Ryan Fenwick helps makes it fun with these pitching drills.


Place an alignment stick along the shaft. Take your grip and stance; the stick should be outside your hip at set-up. Swing with the stick. If you hit your body with the stick on your follow through then you need to keep your weight on your forward leg and your sternum moving when you strike the golf ball.



Experiment with three different clubs and try to land the ball on roughly the same spot. You will see how the ball reacts to each club. The sand wedge should roll the least and the 7-iron the most.


Do you understand when and why you use different clubs? This picture demonstrates the difference in trajectories achieved by using different clubs. Here the yellow stick is placed on a sand wedge; the initial trajectory will be quite high. If you were to place the stick on a 7-iron, you will see how the initial trajectory is lower and therefore will give the ball more roll.

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