Most female golfers including professional players carry a variety of hybrids and fairway woods, but it’s important to understand when and how to use these clubs to your advantage. Follow this instruction to ensure you pull the right club out of your bag!

Many golfers play the ball too far forward in their stance. Remember that hybrids are replacements for longer irons.


Ensure the ball is positioned somewhere between your front armpit or under your shirt logo.

The correct ball position will greatly improve ball contact by encouraging a slightly descending blow and shallow divot.

Smooth Operator 

By design hybrids and fairway woods have plenty of loft. Let them work for you by making solid contact with a balanced and smooth takeaway and tempo to your swing. Keep your head still and never sway.

Use the most lofted hybrid you have when playing from the semi-rough.

Don't Stand Up


Always stay in posture and never stand up during your backswing as this is recipe for disaster.

REMEMBER: The swing is the same when using a hybrid or fairway wood. Hybrids fly higher and land softer than fairway woods.

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