The simplest and quickest way to reduce your handicap is to improve your chipping and putting. However, some ladies struggle with these important shots through bad technique and this can then become a psychological challenge that can develop into the ‘yips’. Follow this instruction to help you get back on track!

Keep the Set Up Simple

Stand with your feet close together, head and sternum over the golf ball, and stand square to your target.

Easy Drill


Use an alignment stick or a shaft of another golf club to help keep your hands in the correct position during your motion. At impact and just past impact, try to
keep a straight line from your shoulder down through your arm, wrist and golf club.

The key to a sound and repeatable chipping action is to have soft hands and a great rhythm.

  • Never try to lift the golf ball, let the natural loft of the club lift it.
  • Never flick with your hands, let your body motion swing the club through.
  • Never de-accelerate into the golf ball 
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