Nowadays it is normal to have a bunch of woods and hybrids in your golf bag, but however good they are, we still need to use irons as they offer greater precision and when struck well the ball will hold on the green. To stay friends with your irons, here are some tips on getting the best out of them.


As always the set-up is very important. Ensure your body, feet and hips are aligned to the target, the ball position is correct and your hands are under your chin.

Take A Divot


Often ladies thin the ball with their irons. This is due to a number of reasons; one being that they are scared to take a divot and if they use a lot of woods they tend to sweep at the ball rather than hit down to take the necessary divot.

To work on this process, before you hit a shot, take a practice swing and brush the grass. By rehearsing this beforehand it gives you a better chance of hitting the ball with a divot and therefore catching the ball on a downward blow.

Hands Forward Please


Breaking your wrists at impact can cause a thinned shot that scuttles across the green. However, by keeping your hands forward at impact you will hit the ball  rst and then the ground, taking a divot and giving you a pure strike.

Squash The Tomato

I had a few lessons from Sean Foley and one of the tips I picked up from him was to squash the tomato! This is a feeling when swinging through the ball and involves the weight transferring through your swing. When weight isn’t transferred and kept on your back foot this tends to cause a thinned or du ed shot. By swinging through and thinking about squashing a tomato with your front foot, this will keep your weight moving towards the target, promoting a clean strike.

Instruction by Samantha Head. Shot on location at Woburn Golf Club.

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