Iron play forms the basic part of the game, so it's important to develop consistency so you can score your best every round. These tips will help you to strike accurate shots with your irons more regularly.


Longer irons are designed to be struck with a shallow, sweeping angle of attack. For this reason the ball must be positioned towards the front half of the stance. Be sure to keep a smooth rhythm, complete the backswing and extend through the shot. Trust the loft of the club to get the ball airborne.


Mid and short irons want to ideally be struck with a crisp descending blow into the back of the ball. Creating ball turf contact helps to achieve the desired ball flight and distance. Once again, the correct ball position will encourage a crisp and solid contact. Gradually position the irons further back as you go up the bag where the centre of the stand will be the maximum with the wedge.


A common question is, 'where do I cock my wrists?' If the grip is correct without tension the momentum of the club will do it for you, roughly just past the right thigh (for right-handed) golfers.


Losing width at the top of the swing may lose distance and lessen the chances of making a crisp, solid contact. To create the ideal feeling, take your posture and grip the club with the right hand (for right-handed golfers). Turn into the backswing maintaining your posture and hold the club in position with your right hand only. Ideally the right elbow will have softened slightly, not jammed into the body or held out rigid, but with a degree of freedom. This will encourage a solid position of natural width at the top of the backswing.

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