Golfers watch Phil Mickelson in awe as he is the master of the flop shot, and as we all know, it’s not the easiest shot to play.

It’s an extremely useful shot to have in your bag and by following this simple instruction, and with a little practice, you’ll soon become confident playing this shot.

Open for Business!

To get the ball higher into the air so it flies over those bunkers or a tree, you need to have an open clubface. Remember to re-grip the club at address so you are not turning your hands to put yourself in this position.

Ensure the ball is at the centre of your stance, or opposite your belly button. It’s important that your body is centred as being too far forward can cause you to reach for the ball or duff it.

Keep it Simple


If you imagine your left arm is an extension of the golf club, this will stop your wrists from breaking on your backswing.

Ahead of the Game


Follow through with your hands ahead of the ball. Opening the clubface and keeping weight on your left side (right-handed golfers), rather than breaking your wrists through the ball, will help to lift it in the air. Swing along the stance line (left of target).


With an open clubface the ball will go higher and shorter, so you will need a slightly longer backswing to get distance. This shot needs to be practised, but once you’ve got the idea you will look like a master of the short game!

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