Most swing faults stem from something that has gone astray in your set-up. So every now and again it’s worth having a check up with your local PGA pro. To get you started, follow this instruction to get your set-up and game shaped up.

Off Target

One of the most common faults at set-up is alignment. Many golfers aim their body at the target instead of parallel to it. This is easily done as you look over your shoulder and down your target line at address. This usually causes a fault in your swing to compensate, sometimes in the form of a loop in the swing or excessive flipping of the hands. Some players complain that their ball isn’t going straight, when in fact it is heading exactly where they are aiming themselves.

It is essential that you practise aiming properly. Check yourself on the course by setting up to a shot and when ready, stop and stay where you are. Place your club down along your toes and stand back and see where you are aiming. You will be shocked to see how far off line you can get without even realising it. As part of your pre-shot routine, pick a mini target in front of you ball in line with your target in the distance. This way it is easier to get your feet, knees, hips and shoulders running parallel.


Get Perfect Posture

The way you address the ball will determine whether you can get back to the ball consistently. If your posture is lacking in athleticism then you will miss out on vital control. Poor posture can mean your weight is back on your heels or too much on your toes, meaning you wobble and lose balance mid swing. Loss of balance leads to inconsistent ball striking. Ensure you tip from your hips and settle your weight on the balls of your feet, as though you are about to start a race or return a serve in tennis. Stand tall then tip from those hips and give your knees a gentle flex. Over flexing your knees can also cause problems and you’ll end up sitting back on your heels again.


Check Your Distance

If your posture is good then you’re likely to be the correct distance from the ball. Too far away and the ball will come off the toe of the club, and too close, you’ll end up standing up to hit the ball, or heaven forbid, shanking it (above). Stand in your set-up position and let the arm furthest from the target hang down and then swing it back onto the club to check you are the correct distance from the ball.


Instruction by Katie Dawkins.



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