When it comes to putting, Lynn McCool's advice is to keep it simple. Play with the natural movement of your body. If your practice session is made up of drill work, then when you’re out on the course, it’s only a matter of listening for the drop.

Rock Until They Drop

Hold your balance for six seconds. Fall backwards and you’ll know you have interfered with the stroke. 


Spend a few minutes per day, even at home, practising this drill to help improve your putting stroke. Being able to balance on one leg during the backswing and finish of the putt encourages the shoulders to dominate the stroke. This will keep the putter face on line. Feel your shoulders rock back and forth. This drill will eliminate any unnecessary movement created by the hands or arms.

Hole More Six-Footers

Ensure the clubface is aiming at your target line as this will keep the ball rolling on line until it drops into the hole. A drill that many tour players favour is one that uses a chalk line on the ground and they practise the stroke back and forth over the line.


The line on the putter head should hover directly over the line on the ground at the end of the stroke. This drill also encourages golfers to get their eyes directly over the ball at address, which in turn will determine the correct distance to stand from the ball.

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