Lynn McCool has discovered through her teaching that there are three deadly sins that can play havoc with your golf game! Follow this golf instruction to eliminate these common faults at address.

Hip Joint Underneath


Set your angles. Ensure the hip joint is pushed underneath as opposed to sitting forward. This will set the posture and create the perfect angle for your body to coil succiently to provide power behind your drives and iron play.

Place your fingers on the hip joint and push your hips back. With your bum out, you are setting up in an athletic position.

Width of Address

With longer clubs, like a driver and fairway wood, make sure you adjust your stance. Women are more flexible than men in the hip area so require a wider than shoulder width stance to create more resistance, therefore generating more power behind the strike.


Hang two golf clubs down from your shoulders. Feet should be directly below the hanging clubs to determine a shoulder width stance used for full iron shots.

Ensure a slightly wider than shoulder width stance for a driver and fairway woods.

Level Your Forearms


Right forearm higher than the left at address is one of the causes of a high-flying weak shot to the right, which is common amongst many golfers. This is usually caused by having the tendency to lean forward to see the ball as a result of the ball being further forward in the stance.

At address with a driver, check that your sternum is in the centre of your stance. Take your right hand off the club and then place it back on while being conscious that the right forearm does not raise higher than the left.

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