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Carrying around the weight of your golf game on your shoulders is tiring enough without the added drag of 14 clubs- and that’s when a trolley can come to your rescue! If you're in the market for a new trolley, here’s Becky Gee’s buying advice.

By Becky Gee

The health benefits of using a trolley are well-known, and many golfers now elect to use one, especially during the summer months. But with technology evolving at a lightning-quick pace, and a huge array of trolleys on the market, deciding whether to take the plunge is just the first of many decisions you will need to make before splashing out on some new wheels.


The biggest dilemma facing potential buyers is often whether to purchase a push or electric trolley. Although the price is often a deciding factor, there are several other elements to consider.

While the two major players in the market, PowaKaddy and Motocaddy both have fantastic entry-level models, the FW3s and S1 respectively, the cost of a good push trolley starts at about half that of a basic electric trolley, whereas an all-bells-and-whistles battery powered trolley can be as much as quadruple the price.

As the old cliché goes, you get what you pay for and those choosing an electric trolley will be treated to several extra benefits.


Powakaddy Fw7 Golf Trolley min


Notwithstanding the additional effort required to push your clubs, particularly for those playing at an undulating course, huge-advances in technology mean that the latest electric trolleys are not only easier to use but also come with a litany of features and gadgets.

The new model from Motocaddy, the S5 Connect, comes with a fitted GPS in the handle, which automatically sends all the information you need, including accurate yardages, to your phone. Meanwhile, PowaKaddy’s equivalent model, the FW7s GPS, is fitted with a fully-functional GPS with 35,000 pre-loaded courses and packed with other cool gadgets such as a calorie counter.

It’s worth mentioning that this cutting-edge technology is also starting to appear in the top push models. Motocaddy has recently released the Cube Connect, the first smart push trolley, fitted with the same GPS system available in the S5 Connect.


Motocaddy S5 Golf Trolley min

Another new trolley release comes from Kent-based trolley manufacturer Golfstream. The aptly named Vision is their most feature-packed electric golf trolley to date. Simple to use, and easy to open and close with a one-click mechanism, it can also be fully customised by swapping the whole colour scheme to any one of five colours.

For those playing at a flat golf course, a sturdy push trolley won’t cause you to expend much extra energy, although the latest models, such as the new BIG MAX Blade IP are so sophisticated that they will also glide across the hilliest of fairways.

The Blade IP is also remarkably lightweight and folds away to a depth of just 12.5cm, making it a great choice for those with limited storage space in their car.

Nonetheless when it comes to those final few holes on the back nine, an electric model is likely to give a little extra energy in reserve and is also just a lot of fun to use, especially with the addition of many useful new features, such as a USB charging port, automatic distance function, and lost ball timer.


Buying a new electric trolley comes at a substantial cost, so it’s important to make sure you’re investing your money wisely. Something you will be asked before making your purchase is whether you want a Lithium or lead-acid battery. While the advantages of going lithium are well advertised, many of us still choose the lead-acid option. Why? Normally, it is as simple as the price. Lithium batteries come with a significant price tag, and after splashing out on a new trolley, it can be hard to justify spending yet more money on a battery.

Nonetheless, there are several reasons why you are well-advised to spend a little more on your initial outlay.

Lithium batteries are far more reliable and can last up to five times longer, meaning that the price per round works out less than the lead-acid option.

The benefits don’t stop there. Lithium also charges substantially quicker, are half the size, and are much lighter than the lead-acid equivalents. Even better, they are also far more environmentally friendly.


It’s worth asking yourself what little extras you will need. Most trolleys come fitted, or with the option, of an umbrella stand and water holder, but it’s worth checking before you make the purchase. Following the boggy winter we’ve just had, it may also be worth investing in winter wheels, which some clubs will require if you want to use your trolley during the colder months.





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